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Meet the pooh crew. Warrior Women explore the good, the bad and shitty complexities of modern life for modern women.



When is a good idea, a great idea?

A few months ago I'd just put my two youngest children to bed, and read them their favourite book, "Here comes the Poo Bus", being the mature lady I am, I snapped a photo and sent it to my pal Eve.

And that's when something interesting happened....

Eve: Hahaha, I'm gonna add that to my reading list. I've been on that bus for a while. Actually, I have been thinking about creating a podcast, and I think that might be a seriously good name.

Claire: It's a great piece of literature, "Here comes the poo bus, sliding round the bend."

Eve: That is amazing, I love it. And just to prove I'm absolutely serious, here's my notes. Inspiration comes from the most unexpected sources!

Claire: Chapter one: different day, some poop - how to manage crappy expectations

Eve: This is good shit! I'm doing a podcast in December, you need to be part of it.

Claire: Whats the topic?

Eve: Business and life experiences, poking fun at the 'shit' times we go through, with a strong focus on being a women in 2019, "The Trials and tribulations of warrior women".

And so, after an amusing (and very mature) WhatsApp conversation, I'm able to be part of Eve's inspirational vision. She has amazingly bought this concept to life, the Poopology Podcast, warrior women discussing their trials and tribulations of modern life.

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