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Warrior Women explore the good, the bad and shitty complexities of modern life for modern women.



Poopology is a fledging podcast series focusing on female empowerment, hosted by Eve Laws, her trusty side kick Claire Roper and a couple of regular guests. Together our ethos is to have real, open and honest conversations. Our main focus is to learn, understand and become immersed our our guests experiences. Even though we are a bit old (40ish) and have lived interesting lives, sometimes we aren't always familiar with the topics discussed by our guests.


Our intention is never to offend, it's always to learn and educate ourselves, but occasionally we might say the wrong thing or use the wrong terminology. Please don't take offence, in-fact, help us out and left us know if we make a mistake. We'd love to hear from you, drop us an email, who knows maybe you might even end up being a guest!

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